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CNC Systems

CNC Systems

Our systems are designed to be economical and versatile. In order to reduce shipping costs, there is some assembly required. Yet it also makes our CNC systems easily expandable and all components are "off the shelf". We carry a complete inventory of CNC systems, crated & ready to go. This means no delayed shipping. Your purchase will normally ship the same day your payment clears. We offer them in 4 sizes:
2x2 | 4x4 | 4x8 | 5x10


Proma Torch Height Controls

An automatic torch height control, or THC, is one of the most important elements of a mechanized shape cutter. The THC monitors the arc voltage from the plasma cutter and uses this information to control the position of the torch relative to the material being cut. It will precisely maintain the correct height over the work area to create the best possible cut. The THC also allows the user to determine pierce height and pierce delay, extending the life of torch consumables.


Router Mount

We created a universal router mount for use with our CNC systems. It is fully adjustable for use with cylindrical or conical shaped routers. The router shown is not included.


Ethernet Adapter

The Ethernet Adapter option is for use with a laptop, a PC without 25pin printer port or a 64bit operating system. It connects via cat5 (LAN) to a PC or laptop & does require some set-up.