Talon 4x4 CNC System

Talon 4x4-CNC-System

Eagle Plasma CNC systems

This CNC system include table, grate w/slats, gantry & carriage, motors, cables, controller and demo software.

All you need to provide is a plasma cutter with recommended air supply, a computer with a Windows operating system .

System Specs:

Cut Area Y-axis 50", X-axis 58"
Overall Dimensions Y 68.5", X 67", H 44.5"
Weight 235 lb approx
Motors 291.6 oz-in Nema 23 stepper
Max Cut Speed 600ipm
Accuracy .006"
Z-axis Travel 4.5"
Price $3,295.00
Plus S/H $250
30 Day Refund for unused items in original packaging.
1 Year Limited Warranty on all electronic components.
Shipping is Non-Refundable.

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