How can I contact you?

Call 870.427.2421, 7am to 7pm* CST, Monday-Friday, to speak to a knowledgeable representative.
You can also reach us at Eagle.Plasma@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.
This is a home-based business and we can be reached outside of normal hours, within reason.
Training & support by phone and remote desktop will be by appointment or on a first come first served basis.

*With the exception of errand days! ,

Does the machine have a warranty?

Eagle Plasma, LLC offers a 1-year limited warranty on all of our CNC machines.
Our tables are made of steel; all electronics & moving parts are rigorously tested
and each machine has to pass several quality control checkpoints before it is passed onto the consumer.
We stand behind our CNC machines 100%!
In the unlikely event that you do run into a problem, we’re just a phone call away
with experienced technicians who can walk you through the troubleshooting process.
If we can’t resolve the problem over the phone, you can ship the defective part(s) back to us and we will either repair or replace them.
All of our system’s parts & components are readily available either through Eagle Plasma or our on-line suppliers for reasonable prices.

What will I do if I need help using the machine?

At Eagle Plasma we are dedicated to your success!
We prefer one on one training which allows our customers to work at their own pace.
Whether by phone or online, via remote desktop, we’re sure we have the knowledge
and the resources to help get you up & cutting.

Is this a kit where I have to build the machine myself?

Our systems ship disassembled to help keep our prices low.
We include comprehensive step-by-step assembly instructions with the system software and on our website
at http://eagleplasma.com/How to assemble plasma table.pdf .
All of the components, hardware and software you will need to assemble the complete system are included with your purchase.

What does the machine include? What else do I need to buy?

What type of plasma cutter and computer do I need?

Eagle Plasma’s system includes a universal torch holder that allows you to use virtually any plasma cutter.
A standard handheld torch or a machine torch will work.
Of course the quality of the cut will depend on the cutter, air pressure, dryness of the air and the condition of your consumables.
The software included with our system runs on most any Windows 32bit Operating System,
ideally with a parallel (printer) port and standard PS/2 keyboard & mouse connectors.
(Some plasma cutters have been known to interfere with USB peripherals)
For laptops and computers without a printer port we offer an optional Ethernet Adapter.

Why doesn’t Eagle Plasma include a water table?

Eagle Plasma doesn’t include a water table in order to keep the cost of shipping down.
We can help you make one yourself, or give you a quote for that option.

How many years have you been in business?

We designed and built our first prototype machine in 2008.
In 2011, after 3 years of engineering, testing and improving, we launched the Eagle Plasma line of CNC systems.
We still use one of the first tables produced to fabricate our CNC systems today! (Mar 2014)
Our machines, coupled with excellent training & support, have earned us many satisfied (and successful) customers.

Is it hard to learn to operate?

All the provided software is relatively easy to use, but like most tools,
the more you use them the better you will become.
The most difficult aspect for our customers tends to be learning to use the Cad program,
which will be used to generate your .dxf file.
Once you have a .dxf file, converting it to G code and mastering the actual cutting program is quite simple.
A complete novice can be cutting in 4 hours or less of basic training.

Why do you use belt drives instead of rack & pinion?

The axes of CNC machines can be driven in a number of ways.
After building and testing multiple prototypes, we finally opted for linear drive belts and V bearings on drive rails.
Belt drives are among the most cost effective drive system with efficiency approaching 95%.
We also found that the use of 1 motor on the X-axis with a cross drive simplifies synchronization of gantry movement.
Z-axis motion is accomplished with Acme threaded rod with anti-backlash mounts. This greatly improves transition speed between cuts.
Rack & Pinion require periodic maintenance and adjustments.
Also, their positioning accuracy when doing compound cuts (ie curves) provides less than smooth cuts.

Why do you prefer stepper motors, I heard servos are better?

This topic has always been a hotbed for debate; they both have their place.
Driving a stepper motor to a precise position is much simpler than driving a servo motor.
Stepper motors typically have 50 to 200 poles (our steppers have 200 poles), where servos have very few (4-12).
Each pole offers a natural stopping point for the motor shaft.
The greater number of poles allows a stepper motor to move accurately and precisely between each pole
and allows a stepper to be operated without any position feedback for many applications.
Steppers are electro magnetically “geared down” compared to the servo motors, so it has higher torque capability, but lower speed range.
Servo motors are much more expensive, harder to tune and often require a position encoder to keep track of their position.
While it is true that servos can’t lose steps and have a higher tolerance, a properly sized, gear reduced, tuned stepper can be quite accurate.
Also, with today’s digital electronics, stepper motors are much easier to control than servo motors.

Why are your machines so much cheaper?

Eagle Plasma is a small Mom & Pop operation.
We operate from home so overhead is low.
Most of the fabrication (cutting, prepping, welding, painting & crating) is done in-house.
All electronic controls are assembled and tested right here at our shop.
We don’t have large sales & marketing departments to support,
and we’re not trying to get rich, just make a living.

Can I get spare parts if needed?

Yes. We carry a good supply of replacement parts on hand.
We can also offer a list of the suppliers we use along with contact information and part numbers

Why isn’t your 4×4 system half the price of the 4×8?

All of our systems use the same electronics, motors, software, etc.
While our larger systems require more steel & prep work, the electronics, motors and software represent the bulk of our investment.
Therefore, we really couldn’t sell a 4×4 for half the price of a 4×8 and stay in business.

Can I use my table with a router?

Eagle Plasma CNC machines can accommodate a SMALL router.
They can also be converted for use with a larger router.
However, our gantries are designed for use with a plasma torch, which creates little to no drag.
A router will be pushing through the material causing stress on all 3 axes and would require a more robust gantry and carriage system.