Proma Compact THC SD

Proma Compact THC SD

Proma Compact THC SD

Eagle Plasma, LLC is an authorized dealer of the Proma THC SD and, as with every product we sell, provide training & support for our customers.

The Proma THC SD is new generation height controller of plasma torch is based on the popular Compact THC 150 model, in which relay outputs were replaced by inputs / outputs STEP DIR. These inputs / outputs generate corrective signals step/dir proportionally to the slope of the material after the detection of a cutting arc so that the cutting quality is maintained at a very high level.

The connection method of a controller "beyond the software" allows you to use it with the software without the THC function.

An automatic torch height control, or THC, is one of the most important elements of a mechanized shape cutter. The THC monitors the arc voltage from the plasma cutter and uses this information to control the position of the torch relative to the material being cut. It will precisely maintain the correct height over the work area to create the best possible cut. The THC also allows the user to determine pierce height and pierce delay, extending the life of torch consumables.

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