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We purchased a new 5'X10' CNC Plasma table from Eagle Plasma in October of 2012. We primarily build custom aluminum watercraft as well as modify and repair metal boats. The plasma table has totally changed the way we take on projects and has drastically increased our quality of craftsmanship. We are able to take on more complex jobs and make custom parts in house on the fly. Al, with Eagle Plasma has been a lot of help as well. He assisted us in getting our new machine up and running in no time. He is also always available to help with software issues if they ever arise. I couldn't recommend Eagle Plasma enough!
Somers Boat Works, LLC | Cincinnati, Ohio

We purchased our 4x8 table on 10/11/13 and we couldn't be happier. Al and Susan have been wonderful to work with. The customer support is top notch and you can't get any better. We picked them because of location to us, value, and the main thing was tech help. When we are ready to to buy another table it will be from Eagle Plasma.
Spirit Cars | Flippin, Arkansas

I live about 1.5 hours from Eagle Plasma. Al spent several hours working with me and is clearly a customer service guy, par excellence. He has helped many people that purchased other brands to work through bugs. when the other companies went under. The only rule he put on giving me his time was, that if a customer calls, I would have to entertain myself while he helps his customers. By the way, he knew I was not buying and still did all this.
Michael Payne | Arkansas

Good kit for the money. We cut 1000's of parts on it, mostly 11ga and 3/16 and spot on. Mr. Albert will always take the time to walk you thru any questions or issues.
OutKast Fabworx | Tifton, Georgia

We've got the 4x4 and it really works good, I'd say -+.01". We cut a lot of 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8" steel. The machine has stayed consistent. We run on average 40-70ipm. We cut art as well as pieces that either need to be machined (2nd operation), or welded into an assembly. Eagle Plasma has great customer service!
Marton Brothers | Lake Elsinor, California

I bought mine used 8-9 months ago. Part time hobby right now. Still learning exactly how to use it. Al and Susan have been great on everything, from customer service to troubleshooting. I have the 5x10 with the Miller 625 Spectrum (As Al suggested). All works well. Money well spent!!
Jason Pearson | Illinois

Full Line of furniture created with Eagle Plasma LLC Machines. I have 2 Machines that run 40-50 hours a week, each. One is over 2 years in service. I will be looking for another machine soon.
Florida Patio Furniture | Palmetto, Florida

I've had my 4x8 table since 2012 and it's has been great. Best bang for the buck in my book. Al and the Eagle team have been great to work with!! Customer service is by far the best.
Alex Jester | Arkansas